pi2Our annual Pi Day celebration was a great success! We started out the evening with some fun facts about the number pi. Did you know that the bible alludes to pi in 1 Kings 7:23? The verse describes the measurements for the altar inside Solomon’s temple. Using these measurements, we can form an equation that gives us a pretty good approximation for pi!

After we all learned a little bit more about pi, we moved on to everybody’s favorite part of the evening; the pie! There were ten amazing pies entered in this year’s competition. We had a nice variety to enjoy. Some were chocolate, others were more fruity, and there was even a taco pie. There was something for everybody!

pi1When everyone was full of delicious pie, our wonderful judges presented us with the winners of the night. There were prizes for best Appearance, Best Crust, Best Taste, Best Overall, and People’s Choice. Our winners were honored with prestigious prizes such as the Golden Pie Pan, the Golden Whisk, the Golden Measuring Cups, the Golden Rolling Pin, and the Golden Spatula. It was a great day for all in attendance!

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