Despite the snowy beginning to the semester, we have managed to kick off the spring well. Our first Friday back, we hosted our first Funtivity of the semester. We had ice cream sundaes and played an intense game of Apples to Apples. It was a fun night for all.

We have also begun to incorporate our weekly worship services into Table Talk on Thursday nights. The first week of the month we have worship as our Table Talk activity. This seems to be a popular change. We also had a spirituality center Table Talk, a common favorite among many students including myself. Followed the next week by an excellent Pastor Panel where many of our deep inquiries were answered. We were excited to have Rev. Brittany Tamminga from the Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg and Rev. Joe Hensley from St. George’s Episcopal here for the panel.

Monday is the new night for Supper Social. Our first one, we had dinner and did a newspaper fashion show. The three teams really amped up the competition this year. The end result landed Dumbledore, a mermaid, and Katie Mayo (our current adored student president) 2.0 in a three way tie. I believe that this has been my personal favorite moment of the semester so far. I look forward to many more moments like this one!

Student Ministry Team