The CCC had it’s annual Spring Retreat on March 25 to March 26. This year we stayed at Whippoorwill Manor Farm in Madison, Va. The morning started with us all meeting at the CCC to load up the cars and pray for safe travels and a fun weekend before we got on our way. The car ride was filled with a lot of jamming out to Taylor Swift and getting excited to be off campus for twenty four hours. Once we got to the house we were staying at it was a mad dash to look at all the bedrooms and claim the best spots. My favorite bed room was the bunk bed room which had six sets of bunk beds in it. It had a much loved summer camp vibe to it. It was declared that this room would be the “party room” aka the room where we read bed time stories and passed out from exhaustion at the end of the day.

Once everyone had gotten to the house we ate lunch outside before splitting up to hike, play badminton, and explore our new surroundings. We enjoyed learning about names in the bible and the importance of our name in our personal stories. One of my favorite parts was when my group changed the lyrics to Baby Got Back to tell the story of Moses! It was a great way for us to engage in the bible while being silly and having fun. Other groups put on a puppet show and made comic strips to represent their biblical stories. Everyone had a blast doing this activity!

In the evening we ate a delicious dinner followed by a camp fire with s’mores and banana boats. It was fun to sit around the campfire completely unplugged from technology and enjoy each others company. With marshmallow all over my face and the laughter and chatter of my friends filling my ears I thought to myself, this is exactly how we were created to live. In a community with unique people who love each other, and who need nothing more than nature and friendships to make the Spring Retreat one to remember.

Student Ministry Team