February has been busy!

We had a Winter Olympic themed table talk, where we played trivia, had a donut eating contest, and played winter charades. It was an exciting night, and a much needed break from home work.

We also had YAV (young adult volunteers) alumni come talk to us about service year opportunities. It was really cool to hear their experiences of living in different countries and working at different YAV sites. Many of us were impressed and have expressed interest in learning more about it.

We supported the Fredericksburg SPCA through a fundraiser at the Metro Diner, and we were all blown away at how good the food was. I had chicken and waffles and it was the best breakfast I have ever had. It was nice to get off campus and have a break from campus dining.

One of my favorite parts about February was our Mindfulness Week. With midterms coming up, it was a much needed reminder to focus on self care. We paired up with Campus Rec to have a yoga night at the CCC, where we practiced meditation and beginners level yoga. Later that week we teamed up with the Fredericksburg SPCA to bring dogs to the CCC! Students stopped by to play with the dogs throughout the afternoon, and I loved getting all the doggie kisses. It brightened everyone’s day and midterms seemed less stressful, if only for a few hours.

After Spring Break the CCC has a lot of fun things planed, including a Pi Day competition. I guess I’ll be practicing my baking skills over break! The semester is going by fast but I am making so many great memories along the way. I am incredibly thankful for my CCC family!


Shannon Waite