It’s week 10 of the semester, which means we only have a few more weeks left—and no one is quite sure how that happened! Since our last update, we had our Spring Break, so we all enjoyed a week off of school.

The weekend after Spring Break, we went on our Spring Retreat. We took the metro up to Washington D.C to explore the National Zoo. We enjoyed the afternoon walking around the Zoo, checking out our favorite animals. After the Zoo we went to a members aunt’s house to spend the night. While we were there, we hung out, played games, and ate pizza. The next morning we ate breakfast and had worship led by our Campus Minister.

The Monday after the retreat, it was the Rounded Pi day of the century! To celebrate it, as we do every year, we held a Pi(e) day competition. 7 students submitted pies (for a total of 8 delicious pies)! Our judges (made up of 2 current board members, and one retired faculty member/former board member/current friend of the CCC) tasted the pies, and then selected the pies that they thought had the best taste and best appearance, and which one was the best overall. The students, after having enjoying the pies, voted for their favorite. The Key Lime Pie won best appearance; the Crème Brulée won best taste and people’s choice. And the Berry Cream pie won Best Overall.

Pi Day is one of our favorite events and some of our members are already planning their pies for next year!

On March 19th, our Board of Directors met for their annual Retreat. When the retreat was over, several students came and joined the Board for lunch. It was a great opportunity for the Board and Students to interact, and we are looking forward for more chances to spend time with the members of our Board!

Stay tuned for more events as the semester winds down and finals approach!

Student Ministry Team