The first half of September at the CCC has been very eventful! With school kicking off we were excited to bring in the new semester and welcome the students of the class of 2022.

My favorite event so far was on Saturday the 8th, when we planned a movie night. We were going to go to Loriella Park for their outdoor movie event (the movie of choice would have been Little Giants). A total of eight of us (5 freshman, and one each from the upperclasses) piled into two cars and headed over to Rita’s Italian Ice for a treat before the movie. Unfortunately, the drizzle of rain that had been a constant all day picked up. So as a group, we made the decision to take our dessert back to the CCC building and watch a Netflix movie on the projector. After some rearranging of furniture and fiddling with electronics, we were able to watch Coco! It was so fun being able to laugh of all the obstacles and truly enjoy each others’ company.

The following week gave way to the effects of Hurricane Florence. The school closed at 5pm on Wednesday and opened back up on Monday, so sadly Bible Study, Table Talk, and Coffee Hour for that week were cancelled. Even though it was a nice “hurrication,” we all are praying for, donating, and reaching out to those who were greatly impacted by Florence.



Student Ministry Team