The semester is flying by and I can’t believe it is already February! This semester we have continued our Bible study of the book of John, led by our awesome intern Jen! It has been a neat experience having a change of pace with how Bible study is run. I appreciate our small group being so open and trusting of each other as we grow in our faith. Bible study this semester has really been unique in the way that we all support each other and seek to help each other in our faith journeys. Wednesday evening bible study is my favorite time of the week, because it is a time where I am able to connect with my peers and God and put everything else aside for the time being. I always leave feeling like I have a better grasp on my relationship with God, and it gives me a platform to process the emotions I feel in response to that relationship. I love going through the book of John, but the part I value the most is the honest discussions I have with my friends about how to apply what we are reading to our lives.

Shannon Waite