February has been an exciting month at the CCC. It was very cold outside but we were still able to hand out cookies on campus while staying warm by setting up a table in the UC. We were able to reach many students who were getting lunch or coming to and from classes. I always enjoy our annual “Secret Valentine” gift exchange. It is fun to buy gifts for each other and see the expressions when people get something that makes them happy. With midterms this month,  it was great to have the CCC open as a relaxing environment to study or to even to take a break and play games or watch movies with friends.

I’m looking forward to the many things the CCC has in store for the remainder of the semester. The spring retreat is a fantastic opportunity to get away from the stresses of school and to reconnect with God. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming service opportunities we will be taking part in as we begin preparing for Relay for Life and our summer mission trip. I am so excited to see what God has in store for the CCC and so thankful for the joy it has brought to my life in the past month!

Student Ministry Team