September has been a month full of growth for the CCC! With everyone back in Fredericksburg after the summer, the CCC kicked off the new semester with a cookout! It was a nice way to spend time catching up with old friends and meeting new students. All enjoyed music, great food, and games!

Table talk has been a huge hit so far! I have had such a fun time getting to know all the new members. At two of our table talks Shannon, our campus minister, has led worship. It has been fun having live music to sing to, a first for the CCC! One of my favorite things about worship this year is hearing the new members share their experiences and interpretations of the scripture we read. Of course at the CCC we have to make time for silly games, which is why we had a minute to win it themed table talk. Katie, an MT member, and myself led the group through a humorous competition full of shaving cream, cheese balls, and worm races. It was a wonderful night filled with laughter. The only thing that could possibly top table talk was our special Monday night event, which consisted of tie-dye and energizers! We learned how to make amazing tie-dye shirts, sure to make any hippy jealous. I had a blast that night and it was a much needed break from studying.

September has been a busy month! I am so thankful for all of my friends, new and old, at the CCC. This semester is sure to be a good one.

Shannon Waite