In the month of October, the CCC had two church visits.  On October 7th, the CCC visited the Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg in Downtown Fredericksburg.  While the full group attended the 11am service, Grace and I spoke about the impact the CCC has had on our lives at the 8am and 11am services.  The message that day was about how even if the church has separated into denomination, we’re all Christians, and we all worship and love the same God, reemphasizing the ecumenical nature of the CCC. 

On October 28th, the CCC visited St. Mathias United Methodist Church.  St. Mathias is famous around the CCC for bringing amazing dinners to our Table Talk events on Thursday nights and staying and fellowshipping with us during dinner.  It was nice to go and fellowship and worship with them in their house this time.  Church visits are a way for the CCC to meet the churches, but most importantly, the people, responsible for supporting us.  It’s comforting to visit a church and see familiar faces and to have people know our names and be invested in our stories. 

October transitioning into November can be a stressful time for students, but our weekly programming–bible study, Table Talk, and coffee hour– has been a rock for me.  It consistently grounds me when I’m stressed, reminding me that I’ll get through the week and giving me the necessary time to step away from studies and feed my soul.


Student Ministry Team