Another November, another incredible Thanksgiving meal provided by our fabulous church supporters!

Ooooh boy, I don’t think my stomach can take another meal like that, I’ll be honest. The turkey was perfect, the stuffing divine, the cranberry sauce perfectly sweet… I’m getting hungry all over again and I haven’t even gotten to the dessert. I need to stop. (It was pumpkin and apple pie and they were utterly delicious. Okay I’m done now I promise.)

However, even better than the food, was the company. Not only did our amazing Food Delivery Service people (aka members of Reformer Lutheran) stay and eat with us, we had invited another Christian group on campus, Chi Alpha to join us. Several of their members came, and it was incredibly fun to get together and share a meal. Too often it feels like different Christian groups are always in competition with each other to have the most members. This meal made me realize that numbers are not the most important factor of an organization—it’s the people you have the character they possess. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the people I’ve gotten to know this year over the CCC, and the delicious pumpkin pie we shared.

~ Cat

Student Ministry Team