Students ended the month of March with a fun retreat to Yorktown, Virginia! The theme of the retreat reminded us that we are all God’s children. We started Friday night getting to understand each other’s stories better by answering questions about our faith journey and life in general. Saturday morning Shannon led us in faith building activities where we explored how we see ourselves versus how God sees us. Remembering that we are children of God meant making time to play! In the afternoon we played mini golf, where a few people got a hole in one, and laser tag. We then got to go down to the river and enjoy ice cream by the water on the warm day. After dinner Saturday evening we watched a movie and discussed how the themes of the movie fit into the larger conversation we had over the weekend about being God’s children. My favorite part of the retreat was on Sunday morning when we worshiped by the river. It was quiet and peaceful, and I knew that God was there with us.

Over the course of the weekend lots of gummy bears were consumed and laughs were had. It was a great bonding experience, especially for the freshmen who had never been on a CCC retreat before. It was a much needed break from the realities of school and helped to give everyone the chance to recharge before heading back to finish the semester!


Student Ministry Team