On February 16th, the Presbytery of the James, one of the CCC’s biggest supporters, met for their first meeting of the year.  During the meeting, the five campus ministries of the Presbytery of the James were featured; three of the ministries, including the CCC, were highlighted in a video made by the campus minister at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Grace, the president of the CCC, and I were lucky enough to attend to attend the meeting of the Presbytery of the James with our campus minister, Shannon, to help represent the CCC and the other campus ministries in the Presbytery of the James.  Grace and I tabled at the event to answer questions about the CCC and about how it had impacted our lives and our faith journeys.

On February 17th, the CCC had our monthly church visit; this month we visited Ebenezer United Methodist Church.  Many of the students were excited to learn that one of the largest United Methodist Churches in Virginia!  It was great getting to worship with a community like Ebenezer that does so much in the greater Fredericksburg area.

The CCC has also continued our worship series of worshipping in the tradition of different denominations and styles.  This worship series has been really informative for me since I have belonged to the same denomination since I was two, and I’ve enjoyed learning about all the traditions of my friends!


Student Ministry Team