The start of the semester is quickly approaching and the fabulous CCC alumni have some advice for students at Mary Washington. Check out what they had to share on how to both be successful and have fun during your college experience!

Some advice for your time in college in general:

College is a unique time! There may never again be an environment quite like where you are now where you can try, learn, and experience so many new topics, hobbies, interests, people, and things. Be open to exploring- make the most of it!

“You’re never too old to color.”

Get all the free swag you can!

Only take night classes if you are mentally prepared for them.

Always put water in mac and cheese before you microwave it.

Group projects are always a learning experience whether good or bad

Don’t be upset if you have to change your major.

Try to get an internship, even if it’s not in the field you think you want to go into.

Make friends in your classes

Make friends with your professors

Offices hours are a real thing- go to them

Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you can’t be friends

Fake it till you make it.alum1

Freshman year is an exciting new adventure and one alum had some advice specifically for new students:

Wait a month before going home for a weekend visit. Even if there isn’t a whole lot going on campus you miss the opportunity to build friendships and independence if you go home more often. People I knew who scheduled visits home as often as every other weekend were not as connected or really aware of what was happening on campus. Also don’t be afraid to take a class or try a major that you are told is “really hard” or takes a lot of time. Doubting yourself will cut you off from so many opportunities.


While our seniors may have more college experience than any other class, there is still advice to be had on how to make it the best year ever!

I would make the most out of your last year living near all of your friends and being a part of the UMW and the CCC communities. One way my roommates and I did this senior year was creating Senior Bucket Lists (we each made our own, but we all had some shared items to do together too) to make sure we tried to have all of the experiences that somehow we had never gotten a chance to do, or hadn’t done together yet. Outside of the mostly fun items, I also put some serious and future-focused items on my Bucket List to make sure the year didn’t slip away without me achieving my goals for the year.

Try not to spend too much time worrying about the future. It’s important to have a plan, but if you spend too much time freaking out about graduation, you will miss out on all of the great parts of your senior year. To quote one of my favorite half-giants on the future, “No good sittin’ worryin’ abou’ it. What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”



Shannon Waite