February 8th, we hosted a semesterly event that I can foresee becoming one of my favorites – paint night!!

The ministry team voted on the painting until a final selection was made and then the process of sealing the canvases and sketching the designs began. We decided on a lovely nightscape of mountains featuring a moon and three adorable tents – or for some, just small trees.

Our campus minister, Shannon, led us through the steps of the painting and supplied us with the right color paints as we needed them. It was so neat seeing everyone’s turn out so unique and filled with talent. I loved the design the first time I saw it, so I was especially excited when it came time for me to leave my dorm and help set up.

Overall, paint nights are a fun opportunity to fellowship and get creative without having to worry what your own painting looks like in the end because it’s all in great company!

~Harper Cowan

Student Ministry Team