Hi Everybody!!!

Spring has finally arrived!!! (Although it’s definitely coming in kicking and screaming based off the chill that still permeates everything.) With spring comes one of the CCC’s favorite events: Pi(e) Day!

Here at the CCC, we (and by we I mean me) love a good pun, and we (that one is a definite we) love pie! Any chance to bring those two things together makes everyone quite happy. So, on or around March 14th, the CCC makes sure to have pie! This year it just so happened that March 14th fell on a Thursday, so Table Talk that week was transformed into a feast for our pie-loving senses! We had banana cream pie, a chocolate pie, a classic apple pie, and last but not least a berry pie, made by our very own Grace Rice! (Personally, I don’t like berries, but even I have to admit that it was delicious.)

To go with our delicious taste testing we also had circular mandalas to really encompass the spirit of Pi (heh). We also had Pi themed sudoku, which means that instead of the numbers going from 1-9, they were the first couple numbers of Pi, which means that there are a couple duplicates and even triplicates of some of the numbers. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Harper and I are determined to finish this puzzle by the end of the semester despite my many frustrations-but with delicious pie in our memory, I know that we cannot possible fail-I owe it to that apple pie at the very least.

~ Cat

Student Ministry Team