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What do we do at the CCC?

At the CCC we have various events and weekly activities for the students of UMW! Each semester we try and have our weekly bible study and table talk each week, but then we also try and have events like Paint Night, Retreats, service projects, etc. 

Weekly Activities 

Table Talk 

Each week on Thursday evenings we have Table Talk. We meet at the CCC and have dinner together, check in, pray, worship, and have activities or discussions! This is a time to come together and eat, learn about each other, and destress! 

Bible Study

At the CCC we love to have ways that we can be in community with one another and can learn and grow in our faith. In Bible Study we are able to talk through various topics in the Bible and have conversations about them together! The CCC is a safe place for all to come and ask questions.

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