Welcome to the CCC

The Campus Christian Community is an ecumenical student ministry at the University of Mary Washington. It is supported by the Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Episcopal churches, but welcomes students of all faiths who wish to connect with other students and share worship, fellowship and service to the community. "Welcoming all people, the Campus Christian Community witnesses to the love and power of God in Jesus Christ. The CCC ministers with students, faculty, and staff of the University of Mary Washington and the surrounding community through worship, study, fellowship, and service, and provides a forum to explore and question issues of faith and life."

“We get to speak about theology, life issues, different behaviors you should or shouldn’t do as Christians. CCC is such a free space to share your opinions and learn. it is really amazing. Some of my favorite times were just sitting on the couches and trying to work stuff out and trying to see what we thought about things and make our own views on life. That is something that is rare.” - Emily Morton, Class of 2011