The CCC is unlike any other campus club or group. It really is a cohesive family giving phenomenal support and acceptance to all its members.” – Katie Busch, Class of 2014

 What is the CCC? What is this Campus Christian Community?

Those are probably some questions as a prospective member, you are asking yourself. The CCC is this awesome, welcoming community that always has its doors open to new people! That is the CCC in a nutshell.

Here are answers to questions you may have about the CCC:

Is the CCC denominational? Do I have to be Presbyterian, Methodist, Luthern or Episcopalian to come?

Christian  is not a strictly defined term for us at the CCC. Christians are any person searching for a relationship with God, we welcome and encourage all Christians to come and experience the love of God wherever they are in their walk of faith. We have people who have grown up in the church their whole lives to people who have never stepped foot in a church or who have been turned away from the church but are still very spiritual. In other words, all Christians are welcome  at the CCC!

What type of weekly events does the CCC offer?

Check out our Weekly Events page to find out more detailed information about our events. We do offer an array of events almost everyday of the week! Our main event is Table Talk with dinner and a speaker. You may first feel overwhelmed with all the events we offer, but do not feel pressured to attend everything! Come to whichever you like and are available for.

What other social-only/events does the CCC offer?

At the beginning of each semester, the CCC goes on a retreat for members to get reconnected and new members to meet everyone in a relaxed, fun environment. The CCC also does events throughout the semester on Fridays or Saturdays. Those include, BUNCO night, mini-golf, cookout by the river, hikes and many more fun activities which we like to call “FUN-tivities”!

Can I come to the CCC at other times besides during the weekly activities?

YES! The CCC has its doors open 7 days a week. The kitchen is full of snacks and we have the best napping couches! Many members work on homework in the center or stop by in between classes. You can usually find someone hanging out at the CCC so come on by!

Here are some thoughts about the CCC from former members:

“The CCC has definitely changed my college career because in it I have met so many new people who are now many of my good friends. I can always rely on them to offer a shoulder for me to lean on or just someone to have lunch with, and the CCC is where those friendships were first formed.” – Elizabeth Storey, Class of 2014

“I have learned so much from everything the CCC has to offer. The support I’ve received is immeasurable. Whether you’re having a bad day or a bad week, your CCC family has your back!  I’m so glad the CCC is a part of my story.” – Sarah Davis, Class of 2013

“What I will miss the most is the community and the support. I know whenever I’m stressed out or having a bad day or just really need someone to talk to or relate to, I know that the CCC is always open. Its a place that has supported me through everything.” – Heather Brady, Class of 2011