The CCC Board of Directors is comprised of representatives of the four supporting denominations (Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Episcopalians), as well as, two at-large members — one from the Fredericksburg community and one from the University community. They are all elected for three-year terms. There are also six student representatives who are elected for one-year terms.

Following is a list of the 2016-2017 Officers and Board members:

Vice President:   Brittany Harvey

Secretary:  Rachelle Moles

Board Members:

Roin Joel Representing The Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg
Brittany Harvey Representing The Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg
Mike Gould Representing Presbytery of the James
Robert Koehler Representing the Community at Large
Rachelle Moles Representing community at large
Tina Renninger Representing Virginia Conference
Mike Cotter Representing the Fredericksburg District

Student Board Members:

Shannon Keene, Senior
Helen Salita, Senior
Nicole Cadman, Senior
Grace Rice, Junior

Supporting Churches:

Christ Lutheran Church
Church of the Messiah
Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Fredericksburg United Methodist Church
Grace United Methodist Church
Hartwood Presbyterian Church
Hillcrest United Methodist Church
New Hope United Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg
Redeemer Lutheran Church
St Matthias United Methodist Church
Summit Presbyterian Church
Tabernacle United Methodist Church